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Are you a Tiger Mum?

A friend recommended that I read this book and the bookshops I frequent do not stock it. Imagine my surprise. Anyway, I was determined to get my hands on a copy because the Tiger Mum is a Chinese working mummy (albeit a Law Professor from Yale, no less) and I am curious to find out what it means to be a Tiger Mum and one who has raised successful daughters and kept her sanity, let alone marriage in tact! No mean feat, I say.
I finally obtained a copy of an iBook for a grand price of $4.99 (yay) on Tuesday night while sitting on the lounge and finished it on Wednesday night at 11:45pm lying in bed (my alarm still went off at 5:25am for work).
Yes, you could say that I was glued to the book from the moment it downloaded onto my iPad!
Amy Chua's writing style is simple and very easy to read (great for my brain), her approaches provoked a myriad of emotions which ranged from shock-anger-disbelief to admiration-respect-enlightenment and made me reflect on my past-present-future.
She believes that her daughters are an extension of herself and as such, she is single-minded in her determination of drawing out the absolute best  from them and makes no apologies about this. Amy has exceedingly high expectations of her girls in all aspects and walks the talk herself.
You can read in more depth about the choices she made for her daughters and the extreme highs and lows associated with each (drama, drama, drama of epic proportions!). Some of downright mind boggling and goes against everything I hold dear, others are deeply satisfying. One thing for certain, Amy loves her daughters and wants them to excel because success is in fact, very addictive.
In essence, western parents try to respect their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue their true passions, supporting their choices, and providing positive reinforcement and a nurturing environment. By contract, the Chinese believe that the best way to protect their children is by preparing them for the future, letting them see what they are capable of, and arming them with skills, work habits and inner confidence that no one can ever take away.
I am a bit of both. What about you? Are you a Tiger mum?