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Being organised so that I can do this

It's unsurprising that my waking hours revolve around Charlotte and Daniel. In fact, they are taken into consideration in all aspects of my life. Crucially, how I can achieve quality time with them every single day and especially on the days that I work.

This is the third year I've returned to work since having them and yes, I still work from 6:15am - 2:15pm, Tuesdays to Fridays with a few 3 day business trips thrown in throughout the year. I am grateful for this arrangement despite not seeing them in the mornings and making up for that when I pick them up from Kindy.

To ensure we have quality time together, I have to be very quick & organise and this is what I get up to from the moment I get home at 2:50pm {yes it involves multi-tasking}:

  • Get dinner cooking on the stove while laundry is taken off the line - folded and put away.
  • Check on dinner which is cooking on the stove and leave it on low heat while the kids' bedroom is being prepared for bed time (laying their clothes out, making their beds, etc).
  • The home gets a quick tidy and on the days when there are no laundry on the line, I vacuum the media room, kitchen / family rooms, powder room, bathrooms, hallway and entrance foyer. Dinner is usually cooked by then and the stove is turned off.
The chores mentioned above takes me approximately 30 minutes to achieve. That means, I am driving out of our garage by 3:20pm and it takes less than 3 minutes to arrive at Kindy. Very convenient. Then I spend the next 5 minutes catching up with the teachers first to find out how my children have been before heading out to the outdoor play area to find Charlotte and Daniel. Suffice to say, our reunions are very sweet. Then I spend the next 20 minutes playing with them and their friends before we head home.

We are home usually by 4pm and by that stage, we are all buggered so we settle on the couch with a few books and read together. Perfect opportunity for all of us to catch our breathes and to calm down. Sometimes we do a quick craft together and other times, the kids will choose to play on their own (Daniel with his trains and Charlotte with her dolls) while I get on with other household chores in the same room as them. 

By 4:30pm, dinner is served and I sit with them. By 5:00pm, fruit salad is served for their dessert and when they declare that they are "all done!", we usually do this...

A quick jump on the trampoline, of course! The squealing and hilarity are music to my ears. Following that, they have quick drink of water sitting on the couch and watch an episode of Dora  / Chuggington while I quickly clean and tidy up.

By 5:45pm, we get into the shower together to wash off the day's activities. I love this time with them because we have so much fun while getting clean! What a winning combination!

We are back in their bedroom by 6:00pm for the rest of their bedtime routine and it's lights out for them at 6:30pm. 

That's when I finally get to have sometime to myself. Enjoy a quiet dinner, maybe some light housework or not, watch some telly before I go to bed with a book to lull me to sleep.