Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to have an empty laundry basket everyday

For years (yes before the twins came along), I have always struggled with keeping our laundry under control purely because I hate doing laundry - not so much switching on the washing machine, but the hanging - folding - putting away and ironing. Then the twins came along ... oh my, how can two little beings contribute to THAT MUCH EXTRA laundry, really?!

During the last holidays (yes I was very productive) while the twins were at Kindy, I made a few simple changes in my household that works for us and is sustainable. The operative word in this case: Sustainable.

Here's what works for us:

  1. Before bath / shower, we strip off in front of our front loader washing machine (colored clothes go straight into the machine and white clothes go into the laundry tub) - that means no dirty laundry to pick up off the floor and no need for laundry hampers!
  2. Laundry is washed every day / every other day  - half loads are great as they only need to undergo the "quick 30 min wash option" that is available on my washing machine which is 3 years old.

  3. Wet laundry is hung outside on our clothesline against the home. The warm wall enables our laundry to be dried within a few hours. Flick each wet item twice and then peg on the line. Every member of the family is allocated their own washing lines. Yes, you read it right. Typically, each of us require two lines each. Towels and bed sheets obviously have their own lines too!
  4. When the laundry is dry, I will fold and sort all clothes at the clothesline. This is so easy because every family member has their own washing lines - the sorting is already done (ref to #3) so all I have to do is fold all the clothes.
  5. All folded laundry goes into the laundry basket and put away immediately. No more laundry baskets overflowing with cleaned laundry that are unattended for days.

How do you tame your laundry?

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