Thursday, February 13, 2014

My 2 'big' kids and their 2 big changes!

Dearest Charlotte and Daniel, 

I hope you know how much love, joy and satisfaction you continue to gift me.
I love watching the both of you. Especially when you are unaware.
I love the bond you share. Especially when you do kind things for each other.
I love that you need me. Especially when you demand for cuddles and kisses.  

This week, TWO BIG CHANGES occurred in our family.

Eating at the Dinning Table for all our meals and snacks
Those were the days when the both of you would sit at a small table with a huge plastic sheet underneath to catch the spills and crumbs while facing the television and surrounded by your favourite things. 

That was the only way to keep you seated and that was also the only way I could get housework done while you ate. 

A month ago, we started eating at the dinning table on weekends when everyone is home but come weekdays, you were back at your small table in front of the telly.

Over the last weekend, I made the decision to get rid of the small table. We now sit at the dinning table for all our meals and snacks together. No more small table in front of the telly!

Charlotte, you love holding my hand while you eat and give me the doe eye cute face whenever Daniel refuses to sit at the table. In fact, you are always asking for affirmation - "Mummy, I am a good girl and Daniel is a naughty boy". Oh my, have certainly learnt the art of emotional manipulation. {I feel very sorry for your spouse in the future}

Daniel, you need time to transition from one activity to the next because like your daddy, you REALLY concentrate on what you are doing and need time to move on. Hence, it has resulted in a few HOT TEMPERED MELT DOWNS from you which saw you in the naughty corner 3 times in a single day! However, once you have calmed down, you will sit very nicely and eat your meal, smiling and goofing for the next 30 minutes! {I pray that your spouse in the future is a very, very patient individual}

Going out without the twin stroller
The twin stroller has been my reliable assistance since you were born. I never left home without it. On our special day this week, I decided to take a leap of faith and ditched the convenience & containment benefits associated with the stroller and held your hands instead.

You held my hand while we walked through the car park, across zebra crossings and never ventured far from me while we were at the shops. You made me immensely proud to be your mummy.

Charlotte, you prefer being carried as opposed to walking when we are out & about. On that occasion, you behaved like a 'big' kid -  walked well and stuck by my side. I was so very proud and very relief that you did not throw a tantrum when I said 'No' to carrying you. You accepted my answer and walked.

Daniel, you've always displayed a quiet confidence and independence whenever we are out & about. On that occasion, you did not disappoint. You are a dependable child and one who always points things out to me excitedly. I love the twinkle in your eyes and your enthusiasm for discovery.

To my soon to be 34 month young toddlers, may we continue to grow well together - you into bigger kids and me into a more flexible mother {who exercises more patience}.

It's memories like this that carry me through the rigors of the daily grind. You have changed my life in ways unimaginable and I will always be your #1 fans.

I love you to the moon and back x infinity,

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