Tuesday, February 25, 2014

My children stopped me in my tracks so that they could kiss me

Yes you read it right. This took place on our Special Mondays together. We were at a huge shopping centre, walking around, running errands, checking things out, etc. The twin stroller is no longer my traveling companion when we are out & about because I can trust Charlotte and Daniel to hold my hands. In fact, they look for my hands. Isn't it just beautiful?
Anyway, we had a beautiful morning and the kids were simply a pleasure to be with so I decided to 'reward' them with a small toy of their choice (at a reasonable price of course). Naturally, I also told them the reason behind the rewards.
They thanked me, I paid for the rewards, we held hands and walked around the shops. Then the both of them stopped walking at the same time. They both shook my hands and whispered, "Mummy." I got down on one knee so that our eyes met and whispered, "What's up?"
They both planted a kiss on each of my cheek and said, "Thank you".
Here are my children, much later in the day, with their reward at our local playground
Being their mummy is the best job in the WHOLE.WIDE.WORLD.


  1. Oh, that was so sweet! And its great that they look for your hands to hold when you are out!

    1. It is!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to hold on to this for as long as possible!!