Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ssshhhh...the kids are playing!

Toddlers are busy beings - constantly on the go, discovering the environment around them and being little sponges soaking up {almost} everything thrust their way. They are also demonstrative and vocal when something  / someone excites or displeases them. 

It's fascinating to watch and I often wonder if I was like that too as a toddler? I am certain I was and sometimes, still behave like a toddler!

To be honest, I can only take so much robustness from my kids and crave for pockets of quiet time throughout the day because I NEED it! 

This particular quiet activity came about in an ad hoc fashion and only two elements are required and you can get them from your local $2 shop.... all you need are,

a packet of balloons
a packet of teeny tiny label stickers

  1. Each kid got to choose their own balloon
  2. The adult blows it up
  3. Give each kid a sheet of labels and tell them to "stick away!" 

 My kids enjoy this activity immensely and so do I because they become really quiet as they concentrate on their creations. Absolutely perfect for when I need to give my ears and brain a break AND definitely a great after dinner activity while I clean up!

Now, over to you. Do you have any cheap, easy and tidy activity that you do with your toddlers??? Please share.



  1. Sounds fun for the kids! =) Balloons and stickers are two of my faves! Thanks much for linking up! =)

    1. Hi Summer!

      Thank you for your compliments. I enjoy reading your blog and especially of the fun and effort you put in with your girls!!!

  2. Oh yes! This is one fun activity! I have never thought of doing that but my little girl did. A couple of weeks ago we went to Kidfest Singapore recently and were give free balloons and stickers. The first thing she did was chose and peel the sticker of the show she watched and stick it on the balloon. I was amused. It was like she was doing some free advertising for that particular show.

    1. Hi Sweetday!

      Thank you! Your little girl is very innovative!!!! I love watching children create their own play / crafts on their own accord!!!!!