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The working mummy rejoices

That's what my kids told their Kindy teachers. Initially, I was "offended" that they would think that of me, then I saw the funny and heart-warming side of their understanding of what I do.
That is, they are not missing out on mummy time, one bit. Upon further probing, I understand that they know that they have mornings with daddy, then they are off to Kindy and they have afternoons with mummy.
They experience co-parenting and quality time with each parent on a daily basis. Their bedtime is sacred family time because all four of us are together in their room - reading and cuddling before lights out.
I think back on my childhood and note that, I wanted my mummy to stay home all day and not go to work because I wanted her to be home when I got home from school. That's EXACTLY what my kids want and I am so please that I am able to gift that to them.
I have long abandoned the working mummy's guilt because I am fortunate to be able to structure my work hours around the needs of my family. What I do yearn for is even more hours with my children because they are in a very nice phase of their development - one that I wish to bottle up forever.
Crucially, my children are not missing out on having me around. I am present and always close by. I want them to consistently feel in their hearts & know in their minds that:
  • they will always have a home with me
  • they will always be loved and accepted
  • they will always see the authentic me
  • I will always be their #1 fan
  • I will always do what is best for them and not what is easiest
  • I will always give them the opportunities to learn, fail, hope and excel
This working mummy is content in the knowledge that her children are content.