Friday, February 7, 2014

There's only ONE CHOICE. Take it or leave it.

I don't serve up meals like that. Ha Ha Ha.

I am thankful that my family has no known allergies and the husband is not a fussy eater. That's why I am able to do what I do when it comes to cooking for the family and that is, we all eat the same meal.

My reasons for this, like everything having to do with parenting are personal: I don't want my kids to think they can customise the world to their liking by having a tantrum when something did not suit their whims.  Admittedly, it's also the way I was brought up - my mum never made more than one meal and I had to eat what was in front of me. Period. No arguments and if I didn't want to eat, I must sit at the dinning table quietly albeit sulkily.

I place a high value on raising Charlotte and Daniel to not be a pain in the ass and always remember what a very wise parent/friend told me years ago, "If I cannot enjoy the company of my children, no one else can."

This is how dinner takes place in our home. I serve up dinner at the table and everyone must be seated albeit some nagging on my part. Everyone is required to take a bite and if they don't like what they have been served with, take a bit - chew - drink some water - swallow the food. Repeat the same sequence until the plate is half full. My daughter who is the sometimes-fussy eater in our home knows THE LOOK I give her when she does not like what's on offer: she takes a bit, chews, drinks some water and swallows the food. 

Yes, I am a mean parent. 

Imagine this, being invited to someone's home for dinner and my kids don't like what's on offer. It's rude and embarrassing to state the least. So far, all the friends who have invited us for meals have always been so generous in offering delicious meals that even the fussiest of children will eat! Thank goodness.

Okay, back to my children eating at home. When they finish their meal / half finish their meal, I will always offer dessert of fruit salad. The child that finishes the meal gets a "bonus" extra and it comes in the form of 2 smarties chocolate! Bribery works remarkably well and one that I shamelessly employ. Usually, the child who half finishes their meal will eat up their remaining food with gusto.

The best result of my meanness is this: I only have to cook once for lunch and once for dinner then I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I don't have to cook another meal until the next day.

Have a splendid weekend with your family,


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