Thursday, February 20, 2014

You tug at my heart strings

Your eyes bore into my soul when we met for the first time while I was still lying on the operating table. We share a very special mother-daughter bond. I love getting to know you and watching you grow up every single day.

I love that you constantly ask "why?" 
even when my response is, "...because I say so."

I love that you look up to me even when I don't have the answer and
 tell me, "it's OK, mummy."

I love that you tell your friends "She's MY mummy" and 
hug me even tighter when they come closer towards me.

I love that you love cooking with me
even when the ingredients comes out of a box.

I love that you love your brother and say, "Daniel will love this" 
when you see something you know he loves.

I love that you love to please me and 
seek for my affirmation.

I love that you hold my finger whenever we nap together in the afternoons.

I love that you look for me when 
you cannot find me, "Mummy, where are you?" 

I love that you are sensible and compassionate.

I love that you know that you can depend on me.

I love that you wear your heart on your sleeves
just like me.

I love that you chose me to be your mummy.

I love you to the moon and back x infinity.

Always your #1 fan,

Your mummy

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