Friday, March 7, 2014

A letter to my children - a flashback

My darling Charlotte and Daniel
From the moment my pregnancy was confirmed, I was a goner because I fell completely head over heels in love with the both of you. It's a love that is fierce, overwhelming and unconditional. It's more than an emotion. In fact, it's a way of life. My life.
You will both be turning 3 next month and everyday is a fresh new beginning for the both of you. There's always somewhere to go, someone to meet, something new to learn... I love seeing what you see and experiencing what you experience.
Here's a snap shot of life with the both of you, so far.

Birth to 3 months
You were born at full-term and we came home as a family after 4 days in hospital. Overwhelmingly helpless at being gifted with this enormous responsibility of caring and raising the both of you doesn't begin to fully describe the enormity of how mummy and daddy felt. In fact, the memories of those early "brutal" months are still very fresh in my mind. Still, we soldiered on because you needed us and you are both our dream come true.
6 months
Both of you grew so quickly and I enjoy going out with you every single day. No place was off limits - you enjoy car rides, being in your twin strollers and napped easily. Your needs were easily met and I loved stopping in my stride - peer into your respective stroller - cover you with kisses and tell each of you that I love you sooo much.
12 months
Yeah! It's your 1st Birthday. We've survived our first year together! At 12 months, you were both inquisitive, delightful and fascinating. You have yet sprouted your first tooth and that sure didn't stop the both of you from enjoying your food. Charlotte, you had begun clinging onto surfaces and others' hands to practice your walking. Daniel, you started sitting up confidently a month ago and prefer being cuddled & carrying around. Both of you love being on the swings - in fact, we seriously contemplated installing a swing set at home (that is motorised) to keep you happy and entertained all day long.

Charlotte, you walked at 14 months and Daniel, you walked at 18 months. Both of you sported your first tooth at 14 months. The teething months were awful for all of us. Let's just say, thank goodness for baby Nurofen and SM33 teething gel!

18th month marked a major milestone for the both of you. You were frustrated often and displayed undesirable behaviours that literally gave me headaches. The cause of those? You weren't able to communicate your needs to us clearly so it was a source of frustration for you and us!

20th month, we went on our first international holiday together to Singapore! What an experience that was!

24 months
We must be on accelerated time because before we know turned 2! You are both fully mobile, enjoy baths together and are very attached to your dummies. You are still happy & contented toddlers with a lot more assertiveness! Daniel, you love giving and receiving cuddles & kisses. You always make those tough days so much easier.

30 months
At 2.5 years old, you mastered the two wheel bike without pedals. That was a very proud day for you and for us. You learnt that with determination and persistence, it is possible to ride a bike on your own. Your first taste of independence on wheels! It's also around this time, that you, Charlotte, took an interest in toilet training.

You are both the best of friends. Looking out for each other and also pressing each other's buttons. You love doing activities together and also thrive on being independent of each other.

It is very evident by the friendships you continue to form (Charlotte with the girls. Daniel with the boys), the toys and activities each of you gravitate towards (Charlotte with cooking, crafting and dolls. Daniel with trains, building blocks and animals) and your personalities.

I am enjoying the present because
we are able to communicate more effectively.

I am loving the opportunities because
we are both learning about the world around us through your eyes.

I am learning to be the best mummy for you because
we deserve to give our best to each other.

I am seeking out new learning opportunities / experiences for you because
YOU NEED to know and experience what it means to embrace life for all its possibilities.

I love you to the moon and back x infinity,

Your mummy and #1 fan.

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