Monday, March 3, 2014

He ain't heavy, he's my brother

Having two children (or more) at the same time can be more than a handful especially when they are younger. There are certain phases all young children go through that range from amazing & overwhelming joy to atrocious & mind-numbing. I have been told that this does not change as they grow older. Some things are easier (as they learn to do more for themselves) and others are more complicated (as they grow through life and work out their place in the world around them).

It's easy to assume that twins have a special bond from conception. Despite that, I have never taken that biological fact for granted because as with any relationship, if it is not constantly nurtured, it gradually turns sour.

Since they were infants, I have always told Charlotte and Daniel on a daily basis to always take care of each other and to never leave the other behind. Through the years, they have demonstrated their care & devotion to each other in various ways e.g. looking out for each other in public, ensuring that the other twin has a bottle of water when one is drinking, finding a lost toy for the other, counting to 10 so that each twin gets a turn at a shared task, etc.

I am so grateful to have been tasked as their mummy to protect & nurture this very special sibling bond they share and this was THE HIGHLIGHT from the weekend:

Charlotte helping Daniel into his briefs and shorts. She spoke him through every step of the way, "Daniel, step in slowly...ok, now the other leg. Good boy, Daniel." He, on the other hand, patiently gives into her maternal side. After it was done, he thanked her with a big smile and she smiled back at him indulgently.

Here's another favourite moment from the weekend. As a reward for finishing their lunch, I gave them the option to pick a kids' cartoon movie to enjoy with their fruit salad. This photo captures their closeness - even their toes are touching!

My wish is for Charlotte and Daniel to continue nurturing their sibling relationship for all the days of their lives. May they always love each other, speak truthfully, forgive each other after every pitfall and know in their hearts & minds that they truly are a very special pair. 

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