Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I am a lazy parent and I like it.

Sometimes, I just want to sit on my ass. And relax. Do you know what I mean?

There's no logic in extracting myself from the children even if I am in a different part of the home because they always sniff me out. It's amazing the ridiculous reasons that sprout from their mouths of why they need me NOW and the ultra desperate squeal of 'HELP ME MUMMY!" always jolts me off whatever comfortable surface I am on. Seriously, what's the point of trying to score a break?!

I resign myself to fate. Why not plonk myself in the middle of everything that is of interest to them? I am at arm's length to all their favourite paraphernalia. 

"I can't put this bangle on", says Charlotte.
(I reach over and help her without getting off the couch)

"Mummy, help! Tracks. Broken." says Daniel.
(I reach over to the coffee table in front of me and put the track together without getting off the couch)

Yes, I am a lazy parent and I like it. 
Yes, it bought me 30 mins of sit down time.
Yes, that in my books, is a winner.


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