Thursday, March 27, 2014

My definition of "Having-It-All"

This made me laugh.out.loud
It's very tough for a lot of women teetering on that tight rope of balance and balancing too many responsibilities.

I believe I can "have-it-all" but not all at the same time and that boils down to priorities and a healthy dose of sanity thrown in.

As a working mummy of twins, I too wish for a few more hours in a day.

Obviously sick children (sometimes, all of us are sick at the same time) is prioritised over work, and a supportive employer allows me a sense of balance, which in my definition is "having-it-all".

I don't deny for a fact that some times, "having-it-all" can also be overwhelmingly stressful. In fact, I have days / weeks / months at a time when I cannot seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel. There have been weeks where I "survive" on 3 hours of sleep overnight because my brain just can't shut itself off. Annoying isn't it? I equate those periods of time to being a responsible and accountable adult. Once that 'dark' period of time concludes, I am surrounded by a deep sense of satisfaction and pride because I rode that storm with my head held high.

Therefore, why do I still want to "have-it-all"? Surely, there are "easier" routes I could choose.  The answer is this:

I want my children to know and observe through our actions
that hard work and resilience are two essential building blocks
 that resonates with embracing life for all its possibilities.

I am doing this for them as much as I am doing this for myself.

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