Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Something I said I would never do ...

When my daughter was an infant, I would look upon all princess merchandise with disdain and when people affectionately called her "princess", my butt cheeks will squeeze themselves tightly because I really dislike the label and to be frank, it is very cheesy!
Anyhow, fast forward. Here she is, soon to be 3 years old and yes, loves princess. Princess Elsa from Arendelle (seen on the Disney movie, Frozen).
She will happily watch that movie all day, every day, if she was allowed to. THAT song is driving all of us up the wall except for her, obviously. Even her twin brother shakes his head whenever she requests for "princess movie". Her father can be heard saying, "Not again!? Why am I not surprise?" when he walks through the door after work.
I suppose she's at an appropriate age where role playing is fun and necessary. Therefore, I am trying my hardest (not squeeze my butt cheeks and not show it on my face) to embrace her need to embrace this role.
I am not giving in to the merchandising, yet.
Instead, she has been given 3 scarfs that I have not used in years + 1 tiara we bought at the supermarket and this is what she came up with.
Look at that face. How can I deny her any longer? .... yes, this mummy will have to suck it up and let her daughter embrace that princess-ness.
P.s. I am taking donations of princess "things".

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