Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Step by step meal for time poor families

I have always been hesitant in serving up food on skewers to the kids for safety reason and decided to go it a go by using aluminium foil to wrap the sharp ends / trim the sharp bits off at the top. Suffice to say, they were very excited that their chicken was served up differently and they ate it with gusto! All 2 skewers each!
For those who are time poor like me, this is how I put this meal for the whole family by doing all the prep the night before.

Soak Bamboo Skewers (30 mins)

Place the skewers in a long container with lid filled with water for 30 mins and leave aside
Marinate chicken thigh fillets (30 mins)

600g chicken thigh fillet, cut into chunks
4 tbsps. soy sauce
2 tbsps. honey
1/2 thumb size ginger, freshly & finely grated
  • In a large zip lock bag, add all the ingredient - zip it and shake, shake, shake! Leave it in the fridge. (No washing up)
Put it together
  1. After 30 mins has lapsed, poke the chicken pieces onto the bamboo skewers
  2. Drain all the water from the long container filled with bamboo skewers previously, place the chicken on skewers in it and pour the remaining marinate on top. Cover with lid and keep it in the fridge overnight.
Cook it
  1. In a non-stick pan and over high heat, spray cooking oil to coat.
  2. When the non-stick pan is hot, turn down to medium heat and place your chicken on skewers on the pan. Be careful not to overcrowd or else the chicken will end up stewing.
  3. Turn the skewers every few minutes to ensure that it is thoroughly cooked.
  4. Serve it with sides of your choosing. I chose vegetables steamed in the microwave and the vegetables were ready when the chicken was. Perfect timing!
Here's to home-cooked family meals,

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