Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthdays!

My darling children
Today is your 3rd birthday.
Not for a day, a second and from the moment you were growing inside of me, growing and kicking, getting to know each other, did I take either of you for granted.
We have jumped so many hurdles together and now here you are. Celebrating another year of glorious life; of being together. Effortlessly, I can already see you are each other's constant. There is the safety and comfort that whatever you face, the other is firmly by your side.

Throughout your lives, when you face trials and tribulations, in your chosen paths and journeys, may you always meet at cross roads to help and support each other, unreservedly.
 My wish for you is to always be happy in whatever you choose to undertake and to always look out for each other.

I love you to the moon and back x infinity.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Charlotte.
Happy 3rd Birthday, Daniel.
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!
Hip, Hip, HOORAY!

Always your #1 fan,


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