Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Easter Egg Hunting!

Following on from the twins' 3rd birthday, I proudly present you photos of them from last year and present in the context of our annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Isn't it true that when we see our children every day that we don't notice the subtle changes in their growth until something happens? e.g. the long dress can now be worn as a top and the shorts can now be worn as hot pants (not a good look on a boy).
It is astonishing when photos taken during the same period from the previous year can be so different. Yes, I am one very proud mummy!
Look at Daniel. In 2013, he was still a baby (sort of) - check out those chubby arms, cheeks and general chubbiness that makes me want to gobble him up. Fast forward to 2014, he is taller and not as chubby anymore. Still, I want to gobble him up. Did I mention he loves cuddles and kisses?
Look at Charlotte. In 2013, she was still a baby (sort of) - those chubby legs, arms and cheeks that makes me want cuddle her and not let go. Fast forward to 2014, she has a knowing face, lankier and definitely leaner under those clothes. Still, I love it when she holds me face with her hands and stares intently into my eyes.
Alright, enough of that. Let's go Easter Egg Hunting!!!!
We are so lucky to have lovely neighbour friends who take such interest in our family and especially Charlotte and Daniel.
This is the second year of our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and an event that is highly anticipated!
Charlotte and Daniel in their themed PJs from the night before.
Standing against the wall for the obligatory family shot.
They are sooo excited and cannot wait to leave the home.
Charlotte keeps swinging her felt basket and
Daniel is waving his "Thomas" wrapping paper earnestly.
It is only 7:00am.
"Woo Hoo! We are finally out of the home. Let's go!!!!"
"Why are we WAITING?!"
Here they are waiting to be let into our friends' home because
 they have an enchanted garden and the bunny rabbit has been...
Just keep walking - look up, down and everywhere basically.
Daniel is very please with himself.
After all 190 Easter Eggs of various sizes have been located, what are we going to do?
We bring them all together and share them out amongst the 7 children, of course!
Here's to making more family memories,

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