Friday, April 18, 2014

Letter to my children: Turning 3 in five days time

My darling children

Almost everyday, we marvel at how much bigger you have gotten. Look at how tall they are. I can't believe she just said that. I didn't know he could do that. Those are the things daddy and I would say over and over again.

You show up next to my bed and say, "Wake up, Mummy". Your feet are no longer baby feet and they reach the edge of the couch. You make me my "coffee" in your kitchen and know which button to press on our coffee machine when we make real coffee. You count from 10 to 20 (kind of) and sing your alphabet song. You climb the ladder at the playground effortlessly. You tell me about your friends at Kindy. You hold the phone all by yourself when you talk to daddy. You sing songs together lying in bed when the lights are off.

Three years ago, I couldn't have comprehended such things. You were fragile and alien, placed in my arms, taken from me for check ups. We brought the both of you home stared at you, adored you, but it was a matter of survival. Make it to the next feeding, the next nap, the next nappy change...we live in three-hour increments.

Even when you started to talk and yes, hearing you say mama turned me to mush. We didn't have conversations, yet. Now, I'd ask you questions and you would answer. "Mummy, I love watermelon. Can we go to the shops please?" and "Mummy, look at that! It's Thomas {the tank engine}"

I know you are still little. When you throw tantrums, you let it all out. They are both horrible and hilarious. You want to be carried and cuddled, at the same time. You carry a stuffed dog affectionately named George when you go to bed. You hate it when I turn off the lights in your room for bedtime because you cannot see and want me to stay with you just a little bit longer.

You love wearing dresses and skirts. You insist on only wearing Thomas & Friends underwear. You love running around in circles and falling into a heap, laughing. You love being tickled and always asks for more. You hate being interrupted for meals. You hate it when your brother speaks loudly to you. You look out for each other's favorites. Importantly, you really care and love each other.

Both of you are happiest when mummy and daddy are around. You love showing and telling us your observations & opinions. You enjoy helping out around the home (most of the time). You also love making a mess and telling each other to tidy up!

In the middle of all the glimpses I get ever so often of our future, one that shocks and thrills me all at once. You will surprise and delight me. Scare me, then reassure me a moment later. Walk away and run back insisting that I hold your hand. You are my baby and you are also my big girl and big boy. Happy soon to be 3rd Birthday.

Always your #1 fan,

Your mummy

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