Thursday, April 24, 2014

Milestone: No more Dummies (aka nanas) !!!!

Before they were born, we made a pact not to introduce dummies to them. That pact soon crumbled when our twins settled 'easier' with the aid of dummies during our 3 day stay in hospital. The ease and convenience of comfort followed through at home.
Dummies are in my view, both a blessing and a curse. As infants, we had to constantly find their dummies in their dark room and place them back in their mouths for them to go back to sleep / nap. As they got older, we "littered" their cots with multiple dummies so that they could reach for dummies throughout the night without our assistance.
When they started growing teeth, we were regularly replacing dummies that were bitten into. At one stage, we had a total of 12 dummies around the home and in the car. Some in the kitchen, in the lounge room, in their bedroom, etc. You get the point.
They were weaned off their dummies at childcare at 18 months by their teachers - we were so proud of them. However, the situation at home did not change one bit.
{I chewed on my dummies until I was 4 years of age.}
At 2.5 years, they were weaned off their dummies during the day at home (except for day nap and bedtime). It just wasn't a good look, really. However, I was still too chicken to rock the nap and bedtime.
A month leading up to their 3rd birthdays, we spoke to the children about giving up their dummies before they turned 3 because they are no longer babies. I call this method, "planting the seed". Therefore, the kids knew that THE DAY was coming.
The day before their actual 3rd birthday, while the kids were distracted...I took their dummies and snipped off 3/4 of the silicon bit. I know, cruel huh?
They asked for their dummies when it was time for a lie down during mid-day and when I presented them with the dummies....I was expecting THE WORSE, except it wasn't and it was FUNNY:
(Charlotte looks at the dummies in horror)
Mummy. Daddy cut the nanas.
(Mummy desperately tries not to laugh)
No, daddy did not do that.
(Charlotte points her finger at me)
Mummy, you DID IT!
(Mummy desperately tries not to laugh)
No, I did not. A mouse did it.

What mouse?!

When we were out, a mouse took your craft scissors and snipped your nanas.

Naughty Mouse!!!! Naughty Mouse!!!!
(Both howled for 1 minute and Mummy offers them their nanas.
Charlotte and Daniel sucked on their nanas but they kept falling out of their mouths.)

Nana is broken. I don't want it.

Nana broken. Don't want.
That was it. Their dependency on their nana is gone. Bedtime was the same. They did not ask for their nanas. My babies understand that they are babies no more.

To the numerous dummies aka nanas who have soothed my children since their births, we thank you for your sacrifices.

Hip, Hip, HOORAY!


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