Monday, April 28, 2014

Recipe: Autumn Soup

Growing up in Asia in a Cantonese household, I am accustomed to drinking soup on a daily basis as part of dinner. Soup is only one component of the meal! Some of my favourite soups include chicken feet & peanut, old cucumber, water cress & red date, lotus root and winter melon. 

Encouraged by my children's growing love affair with all things casseroles and soups, I have taken to introducing them some of my favourite childhood soups. They love the flavor and the meat falling off the  bone components of the soup but not much else. That inspired me to create a soup with all our favourite vegetables and fruit, in the hope that they will eat everything and not just the meat & soup.

Thankfully, this inspired soup was a winner with the entire family and since it is Autumn over here, I have affectionately named it AUTUMN SOUP. (hahahah)

1 kg pork ribs*, cut into 4 bones to a slab
1 corn on the cob
2 apples, quartered
2 large carrots, cut into chunks
1/4 pumpkin, cut into chunks
1 white onion, quartered
4 dried Chinese honey dates
Salt to taste

* In order to ensure that the soup comes out clear and not cloudy, place the pork ribs in stock pot and fill water until it just covers the bones. Cook it on high for 10 minutes until the water is boiling. Take the pot off the stove, drain all the liquid, wash the pork ribs under cold running water. After you have done this, proceed with the following steps:

1. In a deep stock pot, put all your ingredients. Add water and fill until it covers all the ingredients in the pot.

2. Cook on high until the soup starts to boil. Turn it down to a simmer with the pot's lid half covering the pot. Simmer gently for the next 2.5 hours / If you have an Endo pot like me, keep the soup boiling on the stove for 15 mins and place your pot into the insulated pot, cover and walk away. No need for more gas / electricity to cook the soup.

3. Serve it immediately on its own or with Jasmine rice  / Macaroni.

For my kids, I lightly mashed all the vegetables and meat, mixed it with rice and poured soup over it. They LOVE IT and this meal was finished within 15 minutes!

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