Tuesday, April 15, 2014

THE Perfect House Guest

Following from my previous blog post on THE Pap Talk, I thought I'd share about THE Perfect House Guest.
Allow me to assure you that we are very fortunate that our guests (friends)who stay with us from time to time have all been delightful. What sets this particular one apart from the rest is simply this: She allowed us to be ourselves 1000% of the time, was FANTASTIC with the children (without being overbearing) and a brilliant companion for endless 'women chats'.
She fitted into our family like a glove, literally.
She went with the flow and was herself 100% of the time.
She accepted our practices without question / suggestion.
She was no trouble.
In fact, she was exactly what I needed.
Time with another female friend in the midst of juggling my family's needs.
She's more than a friend. She's family. Yes, you.read.it. right.
My cousin, to be precise.
The 4 days went by so quickly and she enthusiastically went along with us for all our errands without bating an eyelid. She was very intuitive too.
When she saw that the kids needed to be distracted - she did it without asking and the kids took to her fondly. When I told her about my plan to transition the kids out of their afternoon nap, she gamely joined me on outings that extended beyond their normal nap time. When the children threw tantrums in malls (largely due to the transition which will eventually lead to the abolishment of the day nap), she did not stress and went along with my plan with a lot of encouragement and smiles.
Here's to you, THE Perfect House Guest:
Thank you for including us in your overall international business travels.
(India-Sydney-Brisbane-Singapore-Japan-America: This is her itinerary for two weeks. Yes, TWO WEEKS!)
Thank you for being you and for accepting us for all our craziness.
Thank you for your company and I look forward excitedly to our next connection.

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