Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Top 5 things I like being a Working Mummy

With the support of my husband, I made the choice to return to work when the twins were 9 months young.
It certainly wasn't easy giving the care of my  twins over to 'strangers' and till today, my heart still breaks when I have to drop them off at Kindy (on the odd occasion).
I suppose that's why I choose to start my work day super early so that I am able to enjoy the sweet reunion with them in the afternoons.
There are weeks at a time when I wish I were a stay at home mummy (especially when the twins are happy and content) and there are also weeks at a time when I am grateful to be able to work outside the home (especially when the twins are grumpy and annoying).

Here are the TOP 5 things I like about being a Working Mummy:
(in no particular order)

1. Time to myself
Being able to undertake a task from start to finish in a timely fashion, being able to go to the toilet on my own without anyone looking screaming out for me, being able to sit still and not move, etc.

2. Being around adults all day
Being able to converse PROPERLY and not be interrupted.

3. A sense of accomplishment
Being able to solve work-related problems, meeting deadlines, having productive conversations with stakeholders, meeting goals, etc.

4. A sense of security
Being able to continue to plan for our retirement (husband and me) and enjoy nice holidays. Crucially, if anything happened to him *touch wood countlessly* and I had to raise the twins on my own, I already have a source of income apart from him.

5. The very sweet reunion with the children
Being able to cuddle my children and see their faces light up when they see me!

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