Friday, April 11, 2014

The Top 5 things I like to experience with him

This is our 15th year together and we will be married for 11 years this August. Our relationship has witnessed many changes over the years and unsurprising, the last three years have seen us on a rather steep learning curve with the arrival of our much loved twins. To say that our lives are full is certainly an understatement.
We are working parents who share the same values (90% of the time), committed to each other and to our fast growing children.
In keeping with the previous two posts on "The Top 5 Things my twins have taught me" and "The Top 5 Things I like being a working mummy", here's one about Him & I.

The Top 5 Things I like to experience with him
(in no particular order)
1. Go on a holiday  
We are planning to go away on our own, to a country we have never been, even if it is only for 5 days. We are looking forward to this ... just like the "good old years before kids".
2. Stay in a hotel
We did that last year for our wedding anniversary and even though it was only an overnight stay, it was brilliant. Being able to just lie in bed and watch the news, enjoy the breakfast buffet at a leisurely pace and read the newspapers, take walks in silence....bliss.
3. Watch a 'live' performance
We used to go to the theatre regularly and quiet evenings & early bedtimes have triumphed in recent years. The Lion King is coming to our home city and my clever husband snapped up pre-released tickets!!!! It's our first theatre performance in 3 years and we are very excited!
4. Regular Date Nights (at home)
It's easier and more relaxing to stay home as oppose to getting baby sitters and getting changed to go out (seriously, we are that lazy!). Therefore, if there isn't a movie in the cinema to beckon us / a restaurant that seriously tempts our taste buds, I reckon, we should have themed date nights at home.
5. Taking turns sleeping in on Sundays
Perhaps on alternate Sundays, 1 parent can "sleep in" while the other one tends to the children's needs. What a "luxury" that will be?!

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