Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Top 5 things my twins have taught me

My twins are turning 3 in less than a fortnight and here are the TOP 5 things they have taught me so far:

1. No matter how happy and distracted they are, all hell breaks loose when I am just about to sit on the toilet. WHY?!

2. No matter how snug the seat belts are while they are in their car seats (plus Houdini clips, mind you), they always manage to get both their arms out of the seat belts and waves them around wildly. I PRAY NEVER TO PULL UP BESIDE A COP CAR!?

3. No matter how often I tell them to place the snack wrappers in the pocket of their car seats, they always insist on giving them to me even when I am driving. WHY?!

4. No matter how well they have napped (2 hours max) at home during the day, one of them always wakes up super grumpy!!! C'MON - you are not suppose to be grumpy after a nap. You are only meant to be grumpy if you haven't had one!!!!

5. No matter how much I persist having meals at the dinning table (for months), nothing trumps setting up their little table in front of the telly during the week. They eat very well and keep quiet.

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