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Update on the (none or restricted) Day Nap

It's been 2 weeks since we implemented the no day nap in their beds at home / restricted 1 hour nap at Kindy and I am relief to say that it has been good so far.
This transition has enabled the children to sleep (quickly) and better in the evenings. We still put them into their beds at the same time of 6:30pm and within 15 minutes, they are fast asleep. They wake up anytime from 6:30am and it's been wonderful, to state the least.
On Monday morning, they didn't wake till 7am and the husband surprised me by making breakfast for us! We ate in peace, just the two of us. What a refreshing change and brilliant start to the day. I had clearly forgotten how civilised our mornings used to be before the children came along.
I am also more relaxed as a mummy on those three full days that they are home with me as there is no need to rush home from errands in order to put them down and I am not dishing out snacks (and singing loudly to them) while driving to keep them awake before we get home.
So what have we replaced their day nap with when we are home?
We lie down in front of our telly for 2 hours and watch a movie. That's our definition of quiet time. We relax & cuddle and laugh & smile. It really is lovely and sometimes, this happens:
This is the child who can sleep anywhere. Bless him. We are lying around him with the telly blasting and he is sound asleep. He is usually awake within 30 mins - that kind of cat nap is fine by me and is necessary so that he won't be grumpy at dinner time.
I am so thankful that my children have taken to this transition well and this has enabled us to have more care free time as a family!
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