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Organised Chaos

The kids at 1.5 years old
Up to mischief - Daniel is none the wiser and Charlotte pretends that she's innocent
Whether you are a stay at home mummy (where your "work" shift never ends) or a working mummy (where you have multiple "work" shifts), one thing is for certain, there is organised chaos because we are dealing with children.
I prefer organised chaos as oppose to chaos because being in control enables me to thrive. Having a plan is instrumental in providing me (and those who matter) clarity and promotes the flow of sequences.
This is how I survive the week as a Working Mummy by being one step ahead of the game:
The night before: Choose what I am going to wear the next day
I am not a morning person and suffer from the "I have nothing to wear" syndrome even though my double wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I hang my clothes, panty, bra and accessories on a hanger in the ensuite so all I have to do after drying myself after the shower is get dressed without thinking and I am out of the door.
The night before: Choose what I am going to serve for dinner the next day
There is usually a home-cooked meal in the freezer and if I choose to serve that, I ensure that it is placed in the refrigerator to be thawed over the next 24 hours. Alternatively, I think of a meal by looking at what is available and get all the ingredients ready to go in the fridge so that when I get home the next door, all I have to do is cook and serve without any preparation.
The night before: Get a load of washing on the line
We tend to do our laundry every other day and thank goodness for a washing machine! The clean laundry is hung out to dry outdoors on the line.
The night before: Turn the dish washer on
Every alternate night (when the washing machine is not switched on), the dish washer does its job and upon its completion, all items are unstacked and put away.
The afternoon before picking the kids up: 30 minutes of non-stop action
  1. Lay out the clothes that the kids will wear after their bath that evening
  2. Bring in the washing (if required), fold and put away immediately
  3. Vacuum the living areas of our home quickly
  4. Cook dinner (if required)
  5. General tidy up of our home
On the weekend: Cook in Bulk and FREEZE
When I make a meal on the weekend, I make double the portions so that I can freeze and serve it to my family another week or so.
Weekly task: Online Grocery Shopping
What's there not to like about online grocery shopping especially when the produce is good quality and is delivered straight to my kitchen? Our groceries tend to last for 6 days so by the 4th day, I will start my online grocery shop in the comforts of my lounge room for it to be delivered on the 6th day of my previous delivery!
What about you? What are your survival tips?