Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Princess Anna of Arendelle ... I need to have a word with you!

Princess Anna of Arendelle *curtsey*

We need to talk.

My daughter loves you and in recent weeks have taken to adopting your hair style with utmost loyalty. I do miss seeing her flowing locks but that's besides the point.

She refuses the removal of hair ties during bath time and attempts at washing her hair is akin to high level combat negotiations (I exaggerate but that's how I feel after being at work all day, making dinner, doing housework, cleaning up, giving her bro and her dinner, etc).

This is not all.

Every night before she goes to bed, she brings her comb and hair ties (so that I can tidy up her hair style for Kindy the next day) and I deftly put the pig tails back together  (they don't fall out at all - I am now a bona fide expert in "pig taillery").

Last night, I decided to go against the grain ( you would think that I would know by now NEVER TO ROCK THE BOAT) and put her to bed without her Princess Anna Pigtails *gasps*

Silly me but I still blame you for looking so darn cute in pig tails, Princess Anna.

My daughter whimpered quietly in bed for the next 30 mins without my knowledge and that escalated to a full blown crying - howling tantrum with desperation pleas of "I want a cuddle!!!" She was so upset that she couldn't tell me what was troubling her so after doing the comfort, pat, bribery of chocolate the following day if she stayed in bed and slept, assurance before walking out of her bedroom TWICE ...I was ready to burn your DVD and ring up your sister, the Queen!

After opening the door to her bedroom for the THIRD time (by the way, she shares with her brother), I was desperate and my brain was going into melt down mode....her brother (bless him) said, "Princess Anna hair!"

The penny dropped at that moment.

I quickly retrieved the comb and hair ties and deftly put THAT HAIRSTYLE back together in super dim lighting, coaxed her to lie back in her bed, gave her a reassuring pat, turned off the light and walked back out of their bedroom for the THIRD TIME in 1.5 hours!!!!!

That was it. Peace and order returned to our family.

Princess Anna of Arendelle, please please please...make a YouTube Clip or some other medium that is free and command your followers to:
(1) Let their hair rest during bedtime and not be tied up
(2) Let their hair be shampooed and dried without hair ties

Thank you for your attention. *Curtsey*

Yours sincerely,

A Commoner who loves her daughter very much and needs to wash that hair thoroughly

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