Thursday, May 15, 2014

Surgery for Daniel (Take 2)

Before his first Bilateral Grommets Insertion Surgery
October 2013
This time next week, Daniel will undergo a Bilateral Grommets Insertion Surgery. He had the same procedure back in October 2013 (read more here). For the next five months following the procedure, he did not suffer from any ear infections and whenever he caught the cold, his body will fight it within the week.
7 weeks ago, he caught a cold...I thought nothing of it until he started poking his ears and complained that they hurt. Then his ears got redder and redder. His cough and cold got worse. I knew deep in the pit of my stomach that the ear infections were back and that I couldn't rely on his body to fight against it.
Off to the GP we went and he confirmed our suspicions. Back on the antibiotics for a week. Daniel would enjoy 5 days of clearance. Then the ear infections + cough + cold would return with a vengeance, back on the antibiotics for another week. He would enjoy 5 days of clearance and as you guessed it, back on the antibiotics for yet another week.
I knew that the best outcome for Daniel is to undergo the surgery again.
This week, we were back at the Specialist for a follow-up appointment from his last surgery and our suspicions were confirmed. Daniel will undergo the surgery again.
I am relief that this is the case because Daniel deserves to hear clearly and not be ridden with the discomforts of ear infections.
The specialist will use longer grommets this time as Daniel is older with the hope that they will stay in his ear for at least 12 months. He also told us that the incidence of ear infections will decrease as he grows older with the eventual outcome of not being affected by them. Some kids grow out of it by 4 years of age and some take longer. Whatever it is, we will always do the right thing by Daniel - for him to be happy and to be well.
Along with the specialist, Daniel will also be cared for by the same anaesthetist. He had such a positive experience from the last surgery and bounced back really quickly! I am certain this will be the case for him next week.
We are grateful that the surgery will take place so quickly and before Winter officially descends upon us.
I am so proud of my little boy.

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