Thursday, May 8, 2014

The uphill battles and 3 timely reminders

I am going through a period of uphill battles at the moment. Some will say that with discomfort comes opportunities. I most certainly hope that this is the case for me.
One of the woes at present involves children being unwell. This is one of the harsh realities with children in care. It is a breeding ground for all sorts of nasties which gives all the kids' ample opportunities to boost their immunities and this is also the same place where lots of fun, exploration, friendships and learning occurs.
Ever since the grommets fell out of Daniel's ears (to be expected after 12 months), he has been struck down with ear infections with increasing regularity. The only way to treat this discomfort is antibiotics. Ear infections come hand-in-hand with cough and cold. Usually, that means, we all get struck down with varying degrees of the cold and cough over the successive weeks. Yes, all four of us.
Walking around in a fog like state while trying to keep all the plates spinning in the air is no mean feat. It's been a case of tomorrow is a brand new day and the internal chanting of "one step at a time".

This is our reality and with the cold weather setting in...everything just seems to take a little longer to resolve itself.

Just when I think my level of resilience has slumped to an all-time low, the following blessings occurred:

The husband came home with a lovely bouquet of autumn blooms on Monday. It was a most timely reminder and affirmation that I am cherished and valued by him.

I was gifted with these lovely hand made creations by my children (thanks to their Kindy teachers) for Mother's Day. They are so gorgeous and perfectly captures their abilities, innocence and the kids were so excited to give me them. I will certainly cherish and display them very proudly in our family home.

After dinner last night, we all continued to sit at the dinning table and coloured quietly. Yes, all 3 of us. We just doodled, coloured, conversed quietly for the next 30 minutes. It was sooo nice and absolutely what we all needed.

To be still, to be with each other and surround ourselves with serenity and love.

I think God and the universe are sending me a very clear message.
Just soldier on. It will be OKAY. You'll see.


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