Tuesday, May 13, 2014

They said this for the VERY FIRST TIME!

I have never underestimated the healing powers of quality time and an opportunity presented itself for the husband and I to each take a child on a date! Each child needed that quality time as much as we needed that one on one time with them.
We were focussed and not distracted.
We were present and unflustered.
We enjoyed the moment and not what needed to be done next.
That's why from now on, I recommend that we have our annual car services done on the same date and time because it was perfect!
Daniel went with Daddy.
Charlotte went with Mummy.
He had a brilliant few hours hanging out with this daddy at the golden arches (located next to the dealership) - they ate, chatted, laughed, read, played at the indoor playground, walked and cuddled.
She had a brilliant few hours hanging out with her mummy at the dealership - they ate, chatted, laughed, coloured in, read and even walked 1km to a supermarket for a punnet of raspberries and seaweed crackers for the fun of it! Yes, there was a lot of cuddling too.
Daniel and Charlotte enquired about each other regularly throughout those few hours.
"Where's Charlotte and Mummy?"
Where's Daniel and Daddy?"
Those two love and care for each other very deeply.
Well, they also argue very passionately.
That date was exactly what I needed and believe it was exactly what both children needed because when they went into the beds at bedtime, they said this for the very first time:
"Good Night Mummy, I love you"


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