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3 First Experiences This Week!

One of the things I love most about raising my children is the fact that I can relive experiences through them. To see their eyes sparkle, hear their squeals of excitement and have my heart bursting at the seams with joy & pride.

The first cuddle and kiss IN PUBLIC

We were at an outdoor playground of a huge shopping center. Daniel hopped on first and for the first time, Charlotte hopped on behind and cuddled him to steady herself. Whilst doing that, Daniel turned his head around and planted a wet kiss on her cheeks! He giggled and she giggled before wiping it off with her hands!

The first nail polish

Charlotte is definitely a feminine girl. She prefer skirts to shorts, dresses to tights and her favourite colour is pink. She always insists on wearing "the same as mummy" - if I am in a dress, she must be in a dress and when we go out, I must wear ballet flats (like her) because she does not own a pair of fit flops or heels. Charlotte loves nail polishes and I decided to reward her with her first bottle earlier this week - off to the supermarket we went and I gave her 2 options: Nude Pink or Glittery Silver. Here she is, with her choice!

The first Max Brenner experience!

As a reward for the children, I took them to Max Brenner for the first time and they LOVED IT! We shared a plate of 6 strawberries dipped in chocolate (the smallest and 'healthiest' option I could find) and it was gone within 5 minutes! We will certainly return again in the not-so-distant future.