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Brilliant Packet Mix: Butter Chicken

Packet mixes can either be a hit or a miss. To be honest, I reckon there are more misses than hits! Hence I have always been reluctant to use them even though they are certainly more convenient. 

As the sole provider of meals for my family, I find myself preparing the same dinner repertoire every week: Beef & Vegetables bolognese served with spiral pasta, chicken & vegetables bulgogi served with rice, oven baked sticky Asian style chicken drumlets served with steamed vegetables,  Pork Ribs and vegetables soup served with rice, pan-fry meat balls with steamed vegetables, Fried rice and {something different e.g. meatloaf, chicken schnitzel, salmon in teriyaki sauce}.

Talking about {something different}, we had this over the weekend! 

This is by far, the best butter chicken, I have ever tasted and the marinate comes out of a box and Marion is the creator of this amazing marinate - she was a Master Chef Australia contestant a few seasons ago.

This box contains 3 sealed packs:

  • Wet marinate paste - to coat the chicken pieces with
  • Dried spices - whole cinnamon stick, whole dried chili, cardamon pods, etc
  • Crushed tomatoes
All I needed to have:
  • Onion, chicken and cream
Modifications I made:
  • Added cauliflower and carrots to the chicken (1 pot meal)
  • Replaced cream with Greek yogurt
  • Removed the whole dry chili in case it was too spicy for my 3 year olds

I would have included photos of the end product but it was so delicious that we just kept lapping it up. Sorry folks, no photos this time.

Apparently, the Pad Thai and Thai Green curry are pretty good too! I will certainly try them out soon and let you know how it goes!