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Letter to Charlotte (38 months)

My Darling Charlotte

Whenever I look at you, I am amazed by your rapid growth.
Whenever I hear you speak, I am astounded by your depth of understanding.
Whenever I hug you tightly, I am touched by how much tighter you reciprocate.

You love everything feminine. 
From sparkly nail polishes to pink skirts.

You love watching "Ben and Holly" cartoon series.
Insisting that they be played during your dinner time.

You love cuddling and feeding your doll babies.
By mimicking the shushing sound that I make and rocking your babies in their cots, you smile with contentment as you lull them to sleep.

You love going to the shops.
Always impressing upon me that you need to "visit one more shop" before we go home.

May you always be blessed with wisdom, resilience and happiness.
Along with the knowledge that you are much loved and adored.
That I will do whatever I need, to enable you to flourish and make crucial choices.
For you will always have a home with me.

I love you to the moon and back x infinity,

Always your #1 fan