Thursday, June 19, 2014

When you THINK everything is OK, don't say it!!!

Parenthood can be deceptive. One moment is marvelous and the next is ... horrible. I am certain what I am about to share is one that parents can relate to globally. The verbalisation that 'everything is great' which is then followed by 'everything is horrible'. Okay, I exaggerate but that was how I felt on Monday Night.

I had a marvelous day with the kids that day and even the weather was amazing. The kids were delightful and my heart was bursting at the seams with love & pride. We enjoyed a few new experiences which included a visit to my favourite chocolate place (which has also become theirs). All was well until post dinner and .... both kids started coughing and they told me that their noses weren't working (aka blocked nose).  Uh Oh!

At that moment, I cursed myself for verbalising how great everything was - why can't I just keep it in my head and not say it?! Damn.

Predictably, what followed next was downright horrible.

They went to bed at their usual time of 6:30pm and slept swiftly. At 10:30pm, I had just gotten into my warm and comfy king sized bed when I heard someone cry. Damn. My heart literally skipped a beat. I waited for 5 minutes. The cries from one child was getting louder by the second and it was followed by "MUMMY!". Crap.

I walked into their dark room and went to that child, hoping the entire time that the other child was still fast asleep. Wiped the nose of the whimpering child, reassured her that all was well, that it was still dark and she should go back to sleep. I walked gingerly out of their room, shut the door and climbed back under the covers on my bed. Praying and hoping that it would work.

15 minutes later...."MUMMY!". Crap. There we go again. This time, both children. Wiped their noses, reassured them that all was well, that it was still dark and they should go back to sleep. My instincts told me that the night was going to be long so before I left their room, I grabbed both their flip out couches and brought them into our bedroom, just in case...

I climbed back under the covers on my very comfortable bed and waited, prayed, hoped that all would be well.

10 minutes later.... "MUMMY! CUDDLE!" (they both start crying and shouting). CRAP. Here we go again. Back into their room and the both of them were standing in their cots with arms outstretched. GAME OVER. 

I grabbed them out of their cots one at a time, told them that they had to carry their pillows, blankets, bedtime plush toys and walked with me into our bedroom where their flip out couches had been flipped out to resemble beds.

The twins laid on their respective "beds" that were placed next to our bed. Charlotte on my side and Daniel on daddy's side. This is what we call "Divide and Conquer".

That was a very long night that stretched until the first ray of winter sunshine shone into our bedroom window at 6:00am. Yes, we successfully divided and weren't so successful in the conquering.

Throughout that long night, the twins couldn't get comfortable on their flip out "beds" - it was too small for their growing bodies and when they did eventually sleep, they would also eventually roll out of them without any blankets on them. We had to roll them back, put the blankets (which were way too small) back on them and it would take them who-knows-how-long to put themselves back to sleep while the husband and I tried to catch whatever shut eye opportunities we could get. During all that time, the cat was restless as well. Whenever I fell back into bed after rolling Charlotte back onto her "bed" or told her to stop whimpering or else she will be sent back into her room on her own, the cat would walk across my forehead (maybe to massage the headache that was developing) and over my chest. REALLY. 

When morning came around, the husband and I were walking zombies while the kids were bright eyed and bushy tailed. Great. We were relief that they were at least happy and well-behaved considering the long night we had with them.

The husband aka "Mr Fix It" summised the situation in 4 words, "They need BIGGER blankets". I agreed with him whole-hearted and being "Mrs Let's Fix It Immediately", 2 very plush and LARGE blankets were purchased for the children. 

The grey blankets were purchased and the children LOVED them. That night when we put them to bed, Daniel asked, "Mummy bought it?". I nodded and said, "Yes because you need it and I love you. To that he said, "It's very nice. I love mummy very much."

Sweet dreams.

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