Thursday, July 17, 2014

Baking for Non-Bakers

I do not bake from scratch because it's too messy and to be brutally honest, laziness on my part (obviously). That's why, whenever I do partake in any form of baking exercises, the dry ingredients are already pre-weighed and packaged in a box. Easy peasey.

Baking is one of those weekly home activities with the children. They usually take place after we have an hour's rest time in front of the television.

Peppa Pig cartoon series is one of our favourites and the baking packet mixes are now becoming a firm favourite in our home too. It is sooooooo easy. The wet ingredients usually consists of an egg / water / butter or a combination of all three. BRILLIANT.

The children love taking turns cracking the egg, stirring the batter, licking the spoon & bowl and decorating the goodies with sugar labels with either Peppa or George. While they lick and decorate, I clean up and by the time, the goodies are out of the oven, my kitchen benchtop is clean and tidy once again. 

What I really love about this range 
  • No mixmasters required. Just good old spatula / whisk and hand!
  • The wet ingredients are everyday items and in small quantities!
  • The cookie and cupcakes are petite, perfect for young children and adults!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertorial. I bought everything and the opinions expressed are wholly mine. Not biased in anyway.

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