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Been back at work for 30 months!

I still recall the candid conversation with my office team prior to falling pregnant and it goes something like this, "If I have 1 child, I will be back at work and if I have 2 children, I will not be back." Well, we all know what happened since then. 

My children just turned 39 months and that means, I have been back at work for 30 months. 

There are weeks at a time when I yearn to be a stay at home mum and that usually coincides with the children being superbly nice and well-behaved. 

There are weeks when I am deeply thankful that the career enables me a few hours away from them.

There are weeks when I am very grateful to be paid while on vacation!!!!

My children have grown immensely over that time and so have I. When the going gets tough, I am reminded how blessed and lucky I am to have them and a husband who is quietly supportive (whom I don't thank enough).