Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Charlotte's 1st family drawing

Charlotte has always enjoyed dooling, colouring, painting and crafting. For the longest time, none of those creations made much sense and I treasure every single piece because she created them with me in mind.

Every afternoon when I pick them up from Kindy, there are usually "presents" waiting for me. She proudly thrusts her creations in my hands proclaiming them to be "presents for mummy". 

Yesterday afternoon was no exception except for the fact that I instantly recognised what her drawings meant. This is HER FAMILY. OUR FAMILY.

I was so shocked and astounded. Questioned her teacher and Charlotte repeatedly if she had in fact drawn them because I-just-couldn't-believe-it. Silly me.

Charlotte then proceeded to tell me who those people are. Starting from left to right - "Daddy, Mummy, Daniel and Me". I was very touched and the stresses from the last month melted away instantly as I cuddled my child and told her how much I loved her creation.

Then I queried her about the hair at the bottom of Charlotte and Mummy. All the time wondering if I wanted to know the answer! Thankfully, her answer made perfect sense, "That's our hair. Mummy and Charlotte have long hair. I don't like mummy's short hair style." Awwwwwwww

This creation has pride of place in her bedroom wall. I have dated it as well and plan to have it laminated for longevity.

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