Wednesday, July 9, 2014

C'mon stop asking the question already!

When I saw this on social media, I laughed out loud. We have all been bombarded with those questions from the moment we marry and those questions never quite go away!!!!

I reckon people ask such questions because they have nothing else to say or talk about. In most cases, the inquirer has children and/ or may not know the recipient. Those who are childless by choice would never dare ask those questions because they plain annoying and unnecessary.

C'mon people, let's respect each others' choices. If you really want to break the ice and make that person feel comfortable and welcome, stick with the good old "how are you?"

Let's also spare a thought to couples who are experiencing conception challenges.
If they want to talk about it, they will. Trust me on this. If they don't want to, don't even ask/don't give them that pitiful look/don't plonk your kids into their arms. Trust me on this, too. Give them their privacy and really, their conception challenges does not define them as people and as individuals. Trust me on this, I walked in those shoes for many years.

Let's support, respect and accept each other's choices. The world will be a much better place. Kindness begets kindness.

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