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Daniel's first BFF

Do you remember your first BFF? I certainly do and mine took place in primary school when I was 7 years old.

I looked forward to spending every hour in school with mine. We would sit together in class and at recess. We were each other's support and confidante. 

It's my son's turn to have a BFF. They are in the same Kindy class and are drawn to each other because of their similarities.

They enjoy playing quietly together.
They enjoy each other's company.
They talk about each other to their families.
They love sharing with each other.

A playdate was organised at our home on the weekend and true to form, the boys had a splendid time and further reaffirmed for me that they are brilliant friends. There were no fights or arguments and it was a most brilliant 2.5 hours of play!

His mum and I actually sat down during all that time for our own catch up! WOW!

I love that my son has found his BFF because I love mine very much and wish we lived in the same country.