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It takes a lot of effort to put ME first!

This may well be an elusive concept for many parents due to circumstances, choices and yes, lack of energy! I certainly fall in all three categories. 

When the twins were infants, going to the supermarket at night (sans infants) formed part of my weekly solitude time. Now that they are older, being able to go to the toilet and bathroom without an audience is solitude, however rare that may be.

When I find myself resenting the people I love, I know it's time for an intervention. Intervention in the form of quality time. For myself.

I took a day off work last week (while the kids were in child care) and 
concentrated on ME. 

I made a pact to not buy anything for the people I love.
I committed to doing what my heart and mind desired.

Choosing Solitude
Constantly being "on" doesn't give my brain a chance to rest and replenish itself. Being by myself allows me the quality time to clear the mind, focus and think more clearly.

Getting up earlier than everyone else
Being up at least an hour before anyone stirs allows me to enjoy my home in its stillness, to make the coffee - inhale and drink it at my leisure AND to have a leisurely warm shower without any interruptions or audiences. That gift of time and space at a leisurely pace is a brilliant start to the day. I am always even happier than usual to greet my children when they wake!

Making the choice, not to rush for 6 hours
After giving the children their breakfasts and dropping them off at childcare. I head home and enjoyed a few episodes of my favourite TV series without anyone and interruptions. After that, I went to a nearby suburb with a cosy village 'feel', walked in the sun, browsed at leisurely pace and bought myself two bouquets of my favourite Australian native - proteas before taking myself to a different location for a scrumptious lunch.

It was a brilliant gift of 6 hours to myself. Doing exactly what I wanted and putting myself first. What about you? How do you re-charge?