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Our Bedtime Lullaby

There's a made up song for almost every activity that takes place in our home because it is funny, distracts tantrums and everyone has a good laugh. It works most of the time.

Recently, a new bedtime lullaby was made up and it seems to have struck a cord with us. This song is sung when the children get into their beds. I sing it to them one-on-one while holding the child's hand. Here are the lyrics:

The stars are out
The moon is out
The owl is saying good night

It's time to sleep
it's time for bed
It's time to say good night

You lay in bed
You close your eyes
You roll over

It's time to sleep
It's time for bed
It's time to say good night

I love you
I love you

This song is also sung when a child wakes up from a nightmare and needs a cuddle. When I return the child to his/her bed, this same song is sung and it seems put the child in a calm state which is absolutely beautiful.

What about you? Does your child / children have a favourite lullaby?