Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sleep like a baby? YEAH RIGHT!

Sleep is a constant HOT TOPIC among parents with children. In the years prior to schooling, we want them to sleep through the night and when the years of schooling come around, we cannot seem to get them out of bed (so I am told)! 

Bedtime for the children is my second favourite time of the day (the first being, afternoon pick up from Kindy). That's when the hustle and bustle of a full family day grinds to a well-deserved pause. 

From time to time, a toddler who is sharing a room with his/her twin will emit a desperate call in the still of the night. I emit a sound of deep annoyance, fumble for my iPad on my side table and check out the 'live' video stream from their bedroom to ascertain if intervention is required or not. Most of the time, that toddler will put him / herself back to sleep. Other times, I stumble like a zombie out of our bedroom, down the hall way and into their room, opening their door ever so gingerly so as not to rouse the other sleeping toddler. You get the picture. When all is calm, I am the only one still wide awake. CRAP.

There have been occasions when I am jolted out of deep slumber only to be summonsed by the desperate call from a toddler 1 min later.  Sometimes, I wake up for no apparent reason except to check that my children are fast asleep (via the 'live' video stream). I am CRAZY!

On the rare occasion when the toddlers sleep in till 7:00am (they are in bed by 6:30pm), we do the happy dance and rejoice what our lives might resemble in years to come. For us, 7:00am constitutes a sleep in.

Still, I am grateful that my children love their bedtime and are able to put themselves back to sleep (on their own / with bribery). It could be worse, really.

Sleep has never been the same for me since I became pregnant and it continues to evolve with the children. One thing for certain, at 3 years of age, bribery reigns supreme.

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