Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Strawberry Picking in Winter

Our winters are gorgeous here in southeast Queensland. The mornings & nights are chilly and the days are gloriously magnificent. Clear blue sunny skies beckon us outdoors and with the appropriate attire (rug up and gum boots) along with the obligatory slip-slop-slap of sunscreen, we were off!

Our destination: The Berry Patch at Chambers Flat, located at 912 Chambers Flat Road, Chambers Flat. {Approximately 40 mins drive from the eastern suburbs of Brisbane}

Endless rows of strawberries greeted us upon our arrival. There's a shed that houses the store which has a good variety of ready packed meals, freshly packed strawberries, chocolate coated strawberries, homemade strawberry ice-cream, pavlova and products that would compliment strawberries, of course! There is (limited) sitting available in the outdoors and young children will be entertained by the (small) new playground and sand pit. 

Suffice to say, we were all very excited to get started. Strawberry picking that is.

We went into the shed and collected a plastic container for our picking. The strawberries are priced at $16 per 1kg and the tip given to us by the staff is this:

When the plastic container is full of strawberries, that would weigh around 1kg.

Oh yes, the rows for picking is indicated by the orange witches' hats and that meant a leisurely 2 min stroll to the other end of the farm. Thank goodness, it hasn't rained in months so the ground was easy to walk on and with gum boots on, we were ready for muddy puddle jumps (not this time)!

We strolled, inspected many rows, touched, picked strawberries. It was heaven. There were sooo many plump red strawberries for the picking!!!! Oh my!!!! Just as well, we are FANS of strawberries!!!!

After who-knows-how-long, our plastic container was full of the yummy goodness and walked back to the shed. Yup, 1kg. Spot on.

We sat in the outdoors, savoured on strawberries we had just picked, the children ate their treat of chocolate coated strawberries and Daniel shared the homemade strawberry ice-cream with me. After that, they went straight to the playground for a play. It was so blissful for the husband and I to just sit and savour those moments.

Being in wide open spaces has that effect, doesn't it?

Our first family experience on a farm. Picking strawberries. It was simply perfect.

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