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The END.

I knew this day would come and when it did, the flood gates opened. We waved and bade farewell to our very reliable and much loved double stroller.

It represents so many memories of hope, dreams and new beginnings.

During my pregnancy, we spent months researching on which double stroller would suit me best. When we finally made the choice and met it for the first time, it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT. 

It is everything we wanted, needed and much more.
It has enabled freedom to explore with the twins.
It has nurtured my twins during their naps and feeds.
It has assured me of its safe and smooth ride.
It has carried twins and heavy loads of shopping.
It has navigated through narrow shopping lanes, crowds, parks, boardwalks, lawn, road, etc.

It has never. let. me. down.

I never expected to feel the way I did yesterday when the double stroller was loaded and driven away by its new family. I bawled my eyes out (so did my daughter).

I was saying goodbye to infancy.
I was saying goodbye to never being pregnant again.
I was saying goodbye to a stage in my life that was very raw, very new and very significant.

Another milestone. Another memory. 
Even more milestones to experienced.
Even more memories to be created.

Thank you double stroller. You have served us very well.