Friday, July 4, 2014

They love Kindy!

My children have been going to this childcare centre aka kindy since they were 9 months young. They go into a different class each year, taught and cared for by different teachers, friendships from infancy are strengthened with new friendships being forged regularly, birthdays are celebrated with aplomb, regular bolts of the cold & cough means they are constantly building immunity, endless learning - fun - social in a supportive environment, wide variety of meals and snacks on offer ... really, being a kid is just so much fun!  

I am incredibly lucky that my kids love going to kindy. Well, they don't have a choice.
Still, I am incredibly lucky that this kindy suits them and their teachers are all very lovely.
It's such a peace of mind for a working mummy.

18 more months of childcare and my children will be off to full-time schooling at the local state primary school. Whenever we drive by, we all point excitedly at the site and exclaim at the top of our voices, "SCHOOL!!!! We will be going to BIG SCHOOL soon!"

It has been such a pleasure watching my children thrive in different environments and look forward to many more milestones!!!!

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