Thursday, July 10, 2014

Understanding and Compassion

"You hurt my feelings."
"Say sorry."
"AH! AH! Don't do that!"
"Can I help you?"

These are some of the phrases my children use frequently on a daily basis. Having three year olds is mighty fantastic, most of the time. Especially when they are not screaming at each other, vying for attention and being plain ridiculous.

They keep each other accountable when the other is defiant.
They keep each other balanced.

They take turns watching their favourite cartoon series.
They take turns stirring the cake batter in the bowl.

They laugh at the same silly jokes.
They laugh whenever they make playdoh poo.

They know the lyrics to most of the songs in the movie "Frozen".
They know the lyrics to the theme song of "Thomas and Friends."

They run to the garage when they hear their daddy's car pull in.
They run to me when I show up at Kindy in the afternoons.

They enjoy helping me with housework.
They enjoy making messes.

"I love you Daniel."
"I love mummy very much."
"I love you Charlotte."
"I love you mummy."

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