Monday, August 18, 2014

5 reasons why mummies make better employees

Mother's Day Celebration at Kindy, May 2014

From time to time, I read about workplace discrimination against women specifically those who are pregnant, have children and are pregnant with children. I simply don't get it. In my view, women with children are the most loyal and hardworking employees. In fact, my office team consists of us - working mummies. 

Here are 5 reasons why I believe mummies make better employees:

#1 We are the Queens of Multi-tasking
We can do laundry, get breakfast on the table, pack lunch boxes, vacuum the house, have a shower, brush our teeth, get the children changed and fed, get the husband and children out of the door so that they make work and school on time AND then get ourselves to work on time. We do that every day of the year. Oh and we pick the children up, get them their snack, bring in the dry laundry and put another load on, supervise homework, make dinner, tidy the house yet again, fold laundry while telling the kids to stop fighting, get dinner on the table ... you see, when jobs need getting done, we just do it!

#2 We are mentally and physically tougher
We deal with the discomforts of pregnancies, the brutality of childbirth, the zombie state of sleep deprivation (that can last for years), soul crushing months of teething, frustrating tantrums, unreasonable whims and demands from children, never ending housework, cooking, cleaning, tears, vomit, snots, poo, wee and somehow manage to smile, be reasonably presentable in public and hold conversations.

#3 We are the most loyal employees
We are just that so long as the company can somehow work with our family situation. Happy parents = happy workers. We will not be spending time bitching about other people, stealing stationery and nick pick on the jobs that we are being assigned with. We work with you and we will make it happen.

#4 We are hard workers
We do not need longer work days to get the job done because we work harder, quicker and smarter. You see, we are used to being distracted by our children - clinging on our legs while we try to cook and hanging the laundry while barking orders not to put any more small rocks into the storm water drain, to state a few. When we get a minute to ourselves, we are super focussed and nothing else gets in the way. Trust us, we won't be staying at work late just so to impress you.

#5 We are flexible, if you are
Yes we may need to take time off when the kids are unwell and I will make up for it in more ways than one. I will work from home when everyone is in bed even if it means I haven't had any sleep for 36 hours straight, I will take international teleconferences even if it means I am up at 2am and having to tandem breastfeed my twin infants at 3am. We really don't need that much sleep anyway.

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