Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Have passports, Must Travel.

There are individuals and families out there who have never taken an overseas vacation for a whole host of reasons and for me to be lamenting that it has been 20 months since our last family vacation is lame in comparison. 

Traveling out of Australia is a costly affair (we are talking just airfare!) and our geographical isolation is one of those factors. Still, we make it a point to go overseas every 2 years with the kids, if possible.

We are heading to Singapore because it is "easy" for us and staying with my parents have many added benefits. We will re-visit some favourites from last time, the grandparents & twins will enjoy much needed quality time and the husband & I will enjoy 3 glorious nights on our own. There is something for everyone.

The kids and I are fully packed. We each have 5 nice lightweight outfits on hangers, 3 casual tops & bottoms and a pair of footwear. We will also have a few empty suitcases for shopping!

One of the highlights of my vacation will be this:
Three glorious days and nights in a poolside suite located in a prominent location. Here I will:
  • Wake up when I want to wake up
  • Enjoy leisurely buffet breakfasts and read the papers
  • Lounge at the pool with a stack of tabloid trash and cold drinks
  • Go shopping when I am up for it and return to rest when I want to
  • Catch up with two girlfriends during the day for shopping, dining and spa
  • Meet the husband for afternoon cocktails and dinners

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