Friday, August 15, 2014

I gave birth to the next generation of Adrenalin Junkies

I use to love amusement rides - anticipation, speed, drops, twists, spills and splashes. 
I use to love the feel of adrenalin surging through my body.
I use to love going to theme parks regardless of weather and season.

Alas, it is no longer the case.

I now get dizzy.
I now get squeasy.
I now no longer enjoy amusement rides.

Alas, I must be getting old.

My children have inherited that adrenalin junkie gene from the husband and I.
May they never inherit my lack of thrill as they get older.
They had a brilliant time on two rides at a local shopping centre.
Maybe it's opportune for us to venture to the PROPER theme parks.

Perhaps the time has come for me to brace myself for the inevitable.
No food in belly, pop panadols, close my eyes and scream.
All in the name of creating more family memories.

Wish me luck.

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