Friday, August 8, 2014

The 5 gifts from Laryngitis

I have been struck down with Laryngitis since Monday evening. It came on without any warning symptoms and in a blink of an eye, my throat felt like I had swallowed an entire packet of razor blades. Today is its 5th day of being in residence and though I am feeling much better than I did on Tuesday, I am still unable to ingest solids. Hence, I am going to devote this post to the "gifts" bestowed upon me by Laryngitis:

Sleepless nights reaffirmed (yet again) my choice never to add to my brood
The pain is excruciating and sleep is almost impossible until sheer exhaustion takes over. These sleepless nights reminded me of those horrible first few months of feeding my twin infants in tandem. Memories of those horrible months are still fresh in my mind and the past few days merely demonstrated how horrible it really was both physically - mentally - emotionally. I said when I first learnt I was pregnant with the twins and I shall say it again on this blog, "I have no desire to ever add to my brood."

Uninterrupted sleep and naps during the day
I am so grateful that my kids go to kindy 4 days a week and that means, I have the home all-to-myself (yippee). That also means, I get to sleep and rest uninterrupted. Seriously, I have never taken that many day naps in a single day since I was pregnant all those years ago. Yes, I am definitely not pregnant. Stop asking.

Cold Liquid Diet
I feel like an infant being weaned onto solids. All I've had so far are cold yogurt, cold silken tofu, mashed up paw paw and lukewarm soup. I really don't want to eat any more of that kind of food but I have to because I am on antibiotics. Seriously, someone throw me a full packet of chips when my throat returns to its former glory, please!

My voice is temporarily not in service
Everyone who lives in our home and my poor neighbours who live within our proximity knows that I am known to have a loud voice. Let's just say it has been awfully quiet for me and I am certain everyone else is grateful for that. Still, that does not mean I can't do a deep mean growl from the back of my throat that signals my displeasure or that deathly stare that tells them that they are in.deep.trouble.

Corporate work takes a back seat
For the first time since I returned to work in over 2.5 years, I was given the full 5 days medical leave from the GP. His instruction to rest and to not talk. I have taken his advice on board. Work will have to wait because I ain't going to be good for them if I am not functioning at capacity.

There you have it. The 5 gifts from Laryngitis and I do not wish its horrific residence on anyone.

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